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The Purpose of a Group Benefit Eligibility Waiting Period For New Employees

Most if not all group benefit plans require new employees to satisfy a waiting period before becoming eligible for group benefits. Firms can waive the waiting period for employees and often do if they wish to hire a key employee who is coming from a firm with benefits and doesn't wish to have a [...]

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Prescription Drugs and Your Group Benefit Plan

In recent years, prescription drug trend factors (inflation and pricing) have come down in Ontario and some other provinces. This is due to the implementation of generic drug price reforms that were legislated by Provincial Governments and were phased in over a 3 to 4-year period in several provinces. A second reason these decreases have [...]

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Chambers Plan my-benefits® Mobile App

Do you have a Chambers Benefit Plan? Plan participants of the Chambers Plan can now submit most Health and Dental claims using a smartphone or tablet. Submitting claims electronically is a convenient way to have your claims processed quickly and easily, which means you get your money back faster. The my-benefits® app gives Chambers Plan [...]

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Maternity Leaves and Benefits

Benefits while on Maternity Leave What are employers’ obligations to continue benefits when an employee goes on maternity leave? This question arises frequently in the firms we insure, most of which are small without trained Human Resource Professionals on staff. Now, Chambers Plan offers all insured firms the Business Assistance Service (BAS) to assist in situations. [...]

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Employee Benefits as an Alternative to Salary Increases

An attractive overall compensation package plays an important role in preserving an employer’s most valuable assets — their employees. With government cutbacks and increasing drug, hospital and paramedical costs, giving employees an increase in pay is not always the most cost-effective method of compensation. As the following “Comparison of Costs for the Employer” chart illustrates, [...]

A Helping Hand With Business Assistance Services

According to Statistics Canada, the failure rate for small businesses in Canada is alarmingly high. While 85 per cent make it through their first year of business, only 51 per cent survive through year five. Small business owners know that they can use some help, with two-thirds wanting help with financial planning or tax payments [...]

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The Importance of Beneficiary Designations

For many benefit plan participants [or persons], naming a beneficiary for the life insurance portion of their firm's group insurance plan [or other life coverage] is something that's done at the time of enrolment [or application] and then it's pretty much forgotten. Not only is it quite important to designate a beneficiary, it's something that [...]

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What OHIP Covers When We’re Travelling Outside of Ontario

  I recently heard about a retired couple from Ontario who required to be transported by helicopter to a hospital after a serious car accident while they were vacationing in British Columbia. Due to the fact that they were non-residents of that Province and didn't purchase Emergency Medical Travel Insurance for their trip they [...]

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Does Your Company Have A Need For A Wellness Program?

A Wellness Program may seem like a superficial benefit to a business owner who keeps a watchful eye on their firm's overhead and expenses, but there are very good reasons for an employer to consider implementing one. Employee absenteeism due to life-style related illnesses is quite common today and costs Canadian businesses significant money in [...]

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How to Fight Against Benefits Fraud

An employee benefit plan is an important investment in your company's future and the last thing you want is to have it eroded by benefits fraud. Benefits fraud happens when information is intentionally withheld or misinformation is provided to ensure a claim is paid. It can be committed by anyone with access to your personal [...]

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