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6 Ways Employee Wellness Affects The Success Of A Company

Wellness at work is a increasingly dominant theme in any discussion about the workplace but for many it’s a broad buzzphrase without much science behind it. But Linda Trim, director at workplace design specialists Giant Leap, said that thanks to a new research project called Wellness Together carried out by Sapio Research and that [...]

# 7 Wellness – How To Easily Offer Your Employees A Wellness Benefits Program

  Large companies aren’t the only ones that can provide their staff with a Wellness program. According to a recent (2017) Sanofi Health Survey, wellness and illness prevention are top priorities for employers. Let the Chambers Plan provide you with the resources to provide your staff with wellness options regardless of the size of your [...]

#6 Dental – Dental Benefits Don’t Have To Be Painful

Getting coverage for their kids’ dental care is one of the reasons business owners sign up for group benefits plans. With the Chambers Plan you can keep your family and your employees smiling. The cost for dental work can add up and often claims can be unpredictable. When dental claims become a concern at work [...]