The first stage in any great relationship is getting to know one another and this can’t be said enough in a business setting, especially when involving the health and wellness of your teams. Once we have identified that we have a mutual understanding of your pain points and expectations, we will move into the next phase in our discovery and identify and gather an understanding of your journey to today, what you have done in the past that has work, and what you have done in that past that has not. Only after we have a clear understanding of the full picture, including your corporate vision, mission and values, will we be able to begin to provide potential solutions in order to move you forward towards your intended goals for your company and your employees.

“Our company was approached by [FlexBEN] to see if they could help us to economize our monthly costs for the company group benefits package. We found working with [FlexBEN] to be a very pleasant experience which realized a cost savings for both the company and employees. They were very conscientious regarding management’s time when meeting to present the quotes, and always available by phone or email to answer any questions we had. Making the transition has been an easy process, with [FlexBEN] helping us every step of the way. We look forward to building on our group benefits package in the future, and know that we can count on [FlexBEN] to continue providing us with excellent, reliable advice and service. Thanks [FlexBEN] for helping us to reduce costs without losing any of our coverage.”

M. Dennis, Group Plan Administrator


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